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I want to share a story of migration from RhinoJS to the NodeJS environment. We successfully extracted Javascript code into a dedicated NodeJS service and put the application into our Kubernetes stack configuration. Moreover, we set up parallel execution using the worker_threads module, which is the built-in NodeJS module. I am going to explain key milestones and unexpected issues we faced on our way during the migration period. I will also share improvements we applied to get a fast reliable application in the end.

Good old times

I started my Javascript journey 7 years ago. At that time I did not know much…

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8 YEARS ago I got my first job and it was a full stack position in some small outsource company. I knew almost nothing and I was spending much time understanding what was going on on both ends frontend and backend. Since that time, I have put my focus on frontend development, and now I know different kinds of development from Angular and React to “how does that simple Javascript thingy work exactly”. But I am still way too far from knowing everything. So I keep digging into the frontend world and, what is the most important, I keep trying…

ANGULAR 9 has come, and you might notice my name in the commit history. This was the first time I contributed to such a big and widely-used project. The journey appeared to be easy enough and very exciting! Was it so? Let me tell you the story.

In our company, we went through a bunch of technologies and approaches on how to develop frontend code. Initially, our service was written using the Grails framework — Java-based MVC server-side rendering engine. …

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THE other day I got an email from GitHub informing me that I was granted access to GitHub Packages feature. It was the news I had been waiting for a while as I saw they started beta testing months ago. I really love the way GitHub aggregates code-related services inside the platform. Just imagine that you don’t need to think about where to store your libraries, Docker images, and other stuff! It can save tons of time, especially for small teams and pet projects. You just spend a few hours to set it up and then enjoy smooth cicd process…

IT’S being a while since we started using Typescript in our project (thanks God!) and in fact it offers own way to develop applications. The thing is that ES6 and Typescript offer your code to be more object-oriented. Some people prefer more functional programming in JS but I feel like we can achieve more on the edge of both worlds — object-oriented programming and functional programming. In this article I want to share my way to describe redux stores in my ReactJS applications.

Redux is a brilliant useful library and by the way very simple, so we use it all…

Sergey Nikitin

Frontend dev @, Novosibirsk, Russia. Javascript, Angular, React, Webpack. We also can talk about surfing or snowboarding.

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